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Have you ever felt like you could lose your friends or peers simply for saying or doing the wrong thing?  

Have you ever had anyone promise you a simple answer to a complex life problem, but at a cost?  

Have you ever disagreed with someone and had them make you feel stupid or crazy for questioning their beliefs? 

Whether it's falling completely down the rabbit hole of a high control group or online conspiracy, or just having an encounter that didn’t feel quite right, most of us have experienced psychological manipulation in some way, at some point in our lives.


Psychological Manipulation is the intentional use of manipulative tactics to take advantage of people on a psychological level. These tactics are used to control people’s decision-making processes to gain money, and/or social or political power.  

It’s a big concept, but ultimately simple: there are people out there who want something from you, and they’re willing to use a variety of manipulative tactics to get it.  

By learning about psychological manipulation, you can both inoculate yourself against it and start the vital process of learning to help those you love to escape manipulative situations.

At Antidote, we are working hard to address the problem of psychological manipulation on multiple levels.

If you or someone you love has been affected by psychological manipulation, or you just want to learn more, head to


My goal is to never stop learning. I aim to use my knowledge and passion to help those affected by psychological manipulation. 



I am many things...

Author: My fantastical short stories have been published widely, and I have two YA books under my belt. Now I am turning my attention to the real world and working on academic research and writing in philosophy, psychology and the field of psychological manipulation, as well as writing articles, memoir and working on various writing projects for Antidote.


Producer: I have been working for over ten years in the ad world producing for my husband at Happy Creations. We are a full-service post-production house with a decade of experience helping clients to produce awesome videos for TV and web.


Student: I am a full-time BA student of philosophy and psychology at the university formerly known as Ryerson in Toronto. Throughout my school career I have put my academic and independent educational focus on the topic of psychological manipulation, and have become a specialist in the field.


Director of Operations: My work with Antidote and Diane Benscoter is a dream come true. At Antidote our mission is to educate about, and work towards solving, the problem of psychological manipulation. As a startup with limited staff I am taking on many roles including project manager, lead writer, researcher and outreach coordinator. After 7 years in a high control group, and 5 years researching and applying my education to the topic, I look forward to helping real people take on this very real, and complicated threat.

Hi, my name is Star Spider.

I'm an author, student, Producer for Happy Creations, and the Director of Operations for Antidote. 

Welcome to my site.

Psychological Manipulation

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