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Runner Up – Conville and Walsh Word of Mouth Prize – Past Tense (Novel)
3rd Place – Jenny Magazine Spec Fic Contest – Space
Short List – Room Magazine Writing Contest – Camels for Freedom
Semifinalist – Raymond Carver Short Story Contest – We all have wings
Long List – CBC Creative Nonfiction Prize – Camels for Freedom
Honorable Mention – Friends of Merril Short Story Contest – The One in Green
Winner of 2013 Fringe Contest – Eden Mills Writer’s Festival – Willow
Canada Writes Bloodlines Contest – Lucky
CBC Prompt Contest – Stuck
CBC Pick of the Day – The song that changed my life


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Author Interview – Jenny Magazine
Author Interview – Emerging Writers Series
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No one is untouched by mental health issues. Whether it is personally or someone we know or care about, we all struggle with our complex, beautiful and sometimes difficult-to-live-with minds. As a bipolar writer, I know first hand about living with and trying to get help for mental health issues.


It’s hard.


It can be frustrating.


But it can also really help.


If you feel something is wrong, you need help, or you just need someone to talk to, the following resources might assist you in finding the help you need (please note these are Toronto/Ontario/Canada based resources). If you are at immediate risk of suicide or have a mental health emergency, please call 911 or your local emergency line.


Mental health is the same as physical health, although there is so much more stigma around it that it often keeps people from reaching out. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and don’t be afraid to talk to someone you care about who might need help too. Everyone deserves love, support and mental well being.


Kids Help Phone – 1 (800) 668-6868 – Kids Mental Health Help Hotline

Gerstein Crisis Centre – 416-929-5200 – Mental Health Crisis Line

LGBT Youth Line – 1 (800) 268-9688 – LGBT Youth Mental Health

CAMH – 1 (800) 463-2338 – Mental Health Services

Stella’s Place – 416-461-2345 – Young Adult Mental Health

CMHA – Canadian Mental Health Association

MDAO – Mood Disorder Association of Ontario

SSO – Schizophrenia Society of Ontario

408 Hotline - 416-408-4357 – Mental Health Crisis Line

"Spider’s characterizations are powerful." - Quill & Quire


"Past Tense is an excellent novel, well written with engaging and realistic characters that readers will relate to. It is a must have for any school or public library collection." - CM Magazine


"This is a fast-paced, easy-to-read book recommended to young adults (and adults!) of all ages.  While it deals with some intense themes, the book itself isn’t too dark.  The end is uplifting, which makes all the feelings that you had while reading worthwhile." - Power Librarian

Work Experience & Bio


Author: Various Publications -2014-Present (
Includes: Story development, collaboration with agent and editors, editing and promotion.


Producer/Writer: Happy Creations - 2010-Present (
Includes: Client services, script writing, production and post-production management, promotion, budget management and accounting.


Founder: Alternate Reality Event Planning - 2008-2010
Includes: Event design and management, onsite coordination, client services, budgeting and accounting.


Event Manager: HUMANCONTACT - 2007-2008
Includes: Event and budget management, video production, research, client services, filing and onsite coordination.




I have been in love with writing my whole life and I started on my path towards publishing when I discovered the joy of short stories and the thrill of writing novels. I’m a psychology major/philosophy minor at Ryerson University, and I like to use what I learn to inform my work. I am also excited by games. I’m a LARPer and I love playing tabletop RPGs and video games with a strong focus on narrative (over combat). I also have a special love for hard, life-changing choices and philosophical quandaries.


Hi, my name is Star Spider.

I'm a writer and producer. Welcome to my site.

Mental Health

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